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I don't know what to believe


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My ex and i were together for 6 years. This past summer, i broke up with him and eventually started to date someone else for a while. My ex begged me every single day to take him back and i gave in. We were ok for a while then i found out he was dating someone when we were apart and when we got back together it was still ongoing. I confronted him and he told her He was still in love and wanted to be with me. They stopped talking but she was back around again, i confronted him about it and broke it off with me. I saw them leaving his house together afterwards. He blocked me from everything but continously keeps in touch with my family and tell them that he doesn't love the other girl and that he's single. He also told my cousin that o need to focus on myself and that he misses me & wants to be with me but he wants to see a change. I don't understand why he's lying about being with her.

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No. He doesn't come to my house or contact me at all. He had a few cortisone with my cousins. He told them he's single and he doesnt love this person but they're together everyday, he borrows her car etc. I had his fb password at first and saw him tell his friend he would try to be serious with her because other females were playing games. I don't understand why he's telling my family he still wants me but he's with her

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Why did you originally break up? Are any of those problems resolved?


Why does you family socialize with him and allow all this gossip about you? Can you ask them to respect your no contact wishes?


He's in an on/off relationship with her so wants you as a backup. Cut him off completely. No contact, delete and block him and do not allow him to come to your home.

I don't understand why he's telling my family he still wants me but he's with her
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