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My Ex said he loves me but maybe need a break


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Hi Everyone... I need some help here.


I broke up with my ex (I initiated) because we were arguing quite often.

2 days later I regretted and we exchanged texts. He said he knew I love him alot and that I was always thinking of ways to make him happy. But he felt very bad because he didnt do the same thing back, and always make me feel unhappy. He told me he was crying and still loved me but he was getting very tired of the arguments. He told me sometimes he wanted me back but many times unsure.


He asked me if I wanted us to try again, I said its not a good time to talk about us when he was so tired. So he agreed and said he needs a break to be lazy and do nothing.

2 days later, after playing games together, i texted him i missed him alot and he didnt respond to me.

Then I started doing NC, its been 2 weeks since we broke up and 1 week since I started NC.


I deleted him in all forms of social medias like instagram, fb, snapchat etc. Even stopped playing that game.



His sister said he still keeps our couple photo as his iphone wallpaper... But he's not contacting me at all


Do u think he will come back to me?


P.S We were together for less than 2 months.

He was my ex boyfriend 4years ago, we recently got together to see because we still have a lot of feelings for each other.

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If you're already not getting along again after only 2 months, it's a bad sign.


I think it would be best to stay broken up; it doesn't appear you two work as a couple.


that's because he made me insecure in the first place. he did something bad that made me not trust him. not like he's cheating me with another girl. more like cheated me emotionally.


so after that i felt super insecure about whatever things he said and do. makes me doubt him. sigh

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