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Overheard a bad conversation between my fiancée's sister and cousin about me.


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Hey there.

My fiancée (25) and I (24) have been together since high school. We have an apartment that we are going to move into once the wedding is over so our lives are practically set.


He has a sister who is quite a few years older than him (41). She lives in another city and throughout his entire life he has probably only seen her about six times.

A weeks ago, she pestered him for my number. He eventually gave in. I was utterly sceptical but I spoke to her calmly.


She basically cross examined me, like any normal sibling would, yet I could hear the venom in her voice. She asked me about my intentions with her brother, as if I was some bimbo wanting to clear out his wallet. She also made me seem like I'm just with him because of what he earns. (I am but a mere business student, this is my final year.)


I stayed my timorous self and when my fiancée optimistically asked about the call, I lied and said she was a delight. His words,

"I'm so happy to see my two favourite girls talking." He was so happy and I did not want to crush him by telling him about the underlying tension I was feeling.


Now skip to three weeks after the phone call. I finally had the opportunity to meet her at an in law party. She is married with two daughters.


After everyone had finished eating, they went to the living room to relax on the couch. His sister happily called me over to sit next to her. I was ecstatic to see her this hospitable, so I agreed.


Thirty minutes in, I excused myself to go to the bathroom, once I returned I heard his sister have a conversation with his female cousin (26). I stood outside the living room door to listen.


I may be paraphrasing, but it went something like this.


Sister- What do you think about Victor's b- word?


Cousin- She doesn't say much. I always thought he'd marry a loud girl like us.



Sister- He can do so much better. She think she's all that with her long hair. She didn't even want to drink some wine.


Cousin- Could she be pregnant?


Sister- I hope not. A child from her loins would bring shame to our family name.


At that point, my eyes welled up with tears. I thought she liked me. I walked back to the dining room and that's where my fiancée discovered me. I tried hiding my tears but he saw them and asked what's wrong.


I said I wasn't feeling well but it didn't look like he believed me. He then said we should go home, I agreed and we left after saying our goodbyes.


I ended up crying for most of the night and my poor fiancée had to hold me and kiss my entire face. He wants to know what is wrong and he knows I'm not ill.


I don't want to tell him about what I heard, will he believe me? If he confronts them, will they deny it? Will he believe them? What should I do? I feel so insecure and worthless now.

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So his sister doesn't like you. It's a good thing you're not engaged to her, then. In-laws not liking or even disliking someone marrying into the family is far from an uncommon occurrence. Bottom line is you know you're not with him for his money. If he's engaged and happy with you, it seems he knows you're not with him for the money. As for the rest-- she ragged on your long hair and not drinking wine. How much more trivial does it get? There's no reason in the world for you to feel worthless. Breakfast club gossipers like her are a dime a dozen. It's no skin off your back.


Look to those you have and who you're close to. You can't win them all.

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Avoid her at all costs. Why does your fiance tolerate her disrespect? Why is she so jealous of and disrespectful toward him to the point of trashing all his choices?


Stay out of their family drama. It's not about you and nothing personal. It's a sibling promblem and her problem to accept his choices.


Delete and block her from your phone and all social media. You are marrying him, not her. Congratulations and don't let your fiance's lack of boundaries or this witch ruin things for you.


No, this is not "normal" and was the first glaring red flag of a severe lack of boundaries 6729625]

She basically cross examined me, like any normal sibling would.

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First thing I have to say, let your actions speak louder than your words.

I assume she will try to poison his mind with doubts and negative things but its your good actions and good intentions that will make her look like a total fool over the years and this, this is how he will see and learn for himself what a snake she is.


Remember she is someone he trusts and it wont be your words that will make him see things, it will be your actions and being a caring and loving girlfriend.


Now this woman is a hater, wouldnt be surprised how manipulative she is and just wreaks in negativity. Avoid her and remember she cant be trusted.

Judging you for your hair, looks, and not wanting to drink is not only immature but a sign of how miserable she is. Let her go in her own ways, Im sure the way she carries herself will only make her life even worst.


Welcome to the forum, I wish you luck in your relationship.

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