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I don't know if it's infedelity but how do I get over someone??


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The title of this is so confusing I know so I'm gonna give you a back story, basically started seeing this girl in September and we started great however I believe she was insecure as my social media has high followers and I guess you can say I had women chasing however I always stayed honest letting her know and see everything even showing her my phone, letting her go through everything however in October she switched up on me which had me confused however she stated that she felt like it was one sided and she felt like I wasn't into her as much as she was into me however I told her I'd wait for her because I really was into her so after the phone convo she kept on texting me as normal in fact I recall that same Friday on that same week she was drunk texting me all night telling me she's sorry for what she did and she don't want me to leave so we got back "together." Everything was great so I went to stay at her uni in December like literally just before Christmas with her for a week as I graduated few months before in 2016 and was off from work, everything was great so on Tuesday we went out and ended up bumping into 2 guys she messed with before me within an hour, she was embarrassed but I consoled her and let her know everything was good. Thursday night, she opened her snapchat to me and there was a convo with a guy called mark that she used to mess with and I obviously was so confused because I seem to recall her being insecure over me and what I do so I called her out on it and she said the convo wasn't bad which she did show and so I just shrugged it off.


I left hers feeling great, she was telling me how great she feels and how she can't wait to go back to her hometown to see family and what not, the week Christmas came, I felt like she was kinda distant with me and so I kept trying to talk and we did then she suddenly says to me that she's been crying and she feels like we aren't good for each other as we been arguing which we had done like once that week and I really tried to change her mind but she completely switched up on me all of sudden and ended it with me just before New Years. I genuinely have tried to talk to her but she has somehow switched up saying "yeah I don't feel the same anymore, I feel like we argue too much" yet she still followed me on social media and sent indirects on twitter and tumblr including "When everything they do after you break up confirms why it needed to happen in the first place 🙄 blocking me, accusing me of moving on 24/7, still causing arguments, trying to annoy me on Twitter…. Why can’t you see that immaturity is not the answer. Immaturity is why you are in this position and not with me anymore. Can’t deal with childishness when I’m a grown adult". She still followed me up until this week, where I posted a video of me and my friend (who's a girl) at the gym working out, she completely unfollowed me from everything then posted on tumblr "I need to stop messing with men that don't deserve me, onwards and upwards cyaaaa so I confronted her and she literally said "I think we need to stop talking, I don't want anything to do with u give me some space" but I had already got the message that she wasn't interested so I was confused as hell as to why she would switch up again. Then literally yesterday, I was on twitter and I saw she indirected me on her twitter then she blocked me on everything and so I asked my friends and they think she's playing games and probably has someone else on the go who isn't showing her interest sometimes so she comes back to me so I confronted her and messaged her and she was like "don't ask me if I've moved on omg ur always asking me, you have no right to ask" so I said "I'm not asking if you moved on, I'm asking why I was indirected and then blocked for no reason" and she was like "because your social media annoys me haha and yeah I think it's for the best that I block you so do u want me to block your number too?" And I said "you can block me if u want" and she refused and said if I ask her if she's moved on again then she will and there's no correlation between moving on and in directing and that she can indirect me and not have moved on. I know the ending sounds childish but I've never been so confused in my life, how she could switch up on me so fast but then send indirects to me then tells me she don't want me then tells me I'm immature then she post tweets like "every inch my type" "I hate when someone hot calls me hot like what are they seeing?" knowing I'd see that, when I've been the most consistent in all of this bull. I'm so tired guys of this that I don't understand what to do. Has she got someone else? Is she worth this crap? I really don't understand but how do I get over someone like that, what do I do? I really was into her and things were really good but all of a sudden she switched up, I don't know if it was the way I was, maybe she thinks I have loads of girls on the go but we literally spoke everyday and I gave her my attention whenever I was at work lunch or at gym, she knew where I was all the time and I knew where she was also so I don't understand what her problem is, maybe she has someone else and is scared to tell me as she don't wanna get my feelings hurt or she's just playing games. I don't understand at all but she won't answer the question if she's moved on and she said wouldn't dream of asking me if I've moved on so she don't know why I always ask her and has told me to delete all her nudes and she even thought it was a good idea for me to delete her number so I can forget about her and move on.

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