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Leave, Stay or in between: my ex is driving me crazy


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Hey guys, so I met this guy exactly about a year ago! We met through badoo, for those of you who don't know it's a dating app. To cut long story short, I basically started to talk to this guy and I was kinda trying to take someone from my head. My and this boy got really close, to the point where 3 months after we've decided not to see anyone until I went back to Portugal, where I'm from btw-just studying in um- so everything was fine we would havr pur arguments because I'm a very jealous person but all in a healthy level. I really suck with fellings and emotions and it is very hard for me to open up and let my guard down for someone. But with time I started to believe I could do so with this boy. I went to lisbon, everything was good, actually great! We went on dates a couple of times and had sex, which acc made us closer. I was leaving on the end of summer and we have never discussed how everything would become. My boy had some personal stuff going on in his life and he was down for a couple of weeks, that teared us apart a little bit, but nothing to be concerned of. We just stopped talking as much. We used to talk everday! Then i told him to go the south with a couple of friends so he could feel better which he ended up doing. But thats where things started to get bad. I believe we should allow our partner to have fun and enjoy life without us, which I did. While there he didn't text me once.. and Stayed thers for a week, that was weird specially because days before he went i found out i had to go back earlier and we said we lived eachother and would give it a try. Them he started to act up, and i started to get paranoid because I didn't find any reason that would justify his actions. Everything would make me suspicious. He met a couple of girls, one of them he already knew and I cough him texting her while we were out together, he said it's just a friend. I believed him. Then he added them all of facebook and instagram, and the likes exchaged started! I was going crazy, i left without saying goodbye and our relationship underwent a huge difference. We would talk once every 3 days, and obviously I wanted to know what was wrong if it was hes current situation that was making him act like that or he was giving ke a paying back for finding the tinder app one my phone- btw I never cheated on him. We argued all the time. Im not the girl to allow my man to be giving whoelse attention when im not getting it myself and that's what I was feeling. We decided that it wasn't working around 19 septembet.. I couldn't see anything he did without breaking in tears and he would continue to text me, then the girls would commdnt his posts, couldn't take it so I blokef him everywhere.. then a month later I unblocked him, and he started to talk to me almost every week, and nothing changed between us, i would still be hurt and hed say that i ruined everything with being paranoid he was tired of it and never cheated. Went to lusbon in December but we didn't see eachother, he'd say he had to study and we dont live near. So i understood but if he truly wanted to see me, and make things right he would maybe even 1 day.. i was there two weeks. Now we still in this sutuation not back together texting everyday and it kills me everytimd hes not online for more than 3 hours couse I can't take of the idea of him being with someone else. Which he says he hasnt but never lets go of me or tells me he wants me. Do you think he's cheated on me? What should I do? I know I should let go, but he doesn't say, no I don't like you get on with your life, so I keep pushing and getting hurt!! He said he loved me 2 days ago. Im 19 he's almost 21

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Sorry to hear this, sounds like it was more of a fling and an adventure than something long term. If you think he's stringing you along or seeing other girls, delete and block him from social media and stop talking to him. Go back to the dating site and meet local guys.

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