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Ok since I don't know what to do anymore I'm desperate. I'm 16 and she's 17. We've been together for like 2 months but taking the same class for like a year or something. In those 2 months we fell in love with each other, and have a really open and nice relationship. Not long ago she started acting strange, like she doesn't care anymore, doesn't love me and stuff. I talked to her and she said she is going through a weird/tough period where she feels like she doesn't want anything especially relationship and doesn't want me to go through that too because I act so nice and she acts like a douche. I told her I will be there for her because I love her and I care for her so much. But I came here for advice about what I should do. She swears that it's not some other guy and that she is not cheating on me and i trust her about that. But is she really telling the truth about that 'bad period' or not? I don't wanna be fooled around with and played. I really care about her and love her and I have no clue about what I should do.

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2 months aren't a lot. Maybe she realized she wasn't ready for a relationship. Maybe she does have a tough period. Maybe something is going on in her personal life and she is not so sure about how to deal with it. The last scenario is that she just realized that you were both not a good match and she is not sure of how to end it.

If she told you she didn't want anything ESPECIALLY relationship, I think there is a message to understand. It's quite clear to me that she wants to be single. I know it's probably hard to accept but you cannot change the way someone feels about you.

I think you should maybe tells her you're there for her, you love her but let her space. Don't act needy or jealous or anything. If it's just a rough period, she'll come back to you or learn to open up. If she just wants to end it, you'll know it quite quickly.

Unfortunately, not all relationships are meant to last. You're still young. I know that's probably something you don't want to hear, but she will probably not be the last girl in your life. Let you the time.

Best of luck

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That's what I thought about too, space. She told me that she loves me and cares about me, but the only reason is that bad period. Should I just be open and ask her if that's her way of letting me go, kindly(or however), so she doesn't hurt me? And just ask from her to be honest with this one? I don't know it might sound stupid but I am still not that experienced.

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