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5 months since breakup - he's still with the new woman


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She's still married, but her husband initiated their breakup awhile ago, and I guess the legal process just has to play out.


I am feeling better than the first couple of months, where I was devastated. Now I am just missing him, and hoping they break up. He apologized to me in late November, and said "you know me, I don't talk to my past, but I feel connected with you still somehow. I'm with someone else now, but you will always remain in my life!" and said I had been in his head a lot, and he had missed me a lot, and he had cried many nights. And how he never expected to hurt me, and was so so sorry.


I feel like he was so frustrated with how much we were fighting, he just looked for someone else to jump to, and now is in that with her. He is also very romantic, so he is probably infatuated with her.


I am trying to move on, but I still care about him and miss everything. We were together 2 years. He is 38 and I am 34. She is probably between our ages.

She also said to me when I ran into her "I am just having fun. I don't know if I feel the same way." about him.


So while I am not focusing on him so much and am working on my own life and progress there, I still get into these moods where I am hoping he will come back one day.


It's not every day, but some days I feel this way and get sad.

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You getting into those moods are normal, and I suspect it has a lot to do with it only being 5 months. It's okay that you still care about the guy a lot, but the problem is that care isn't being reciprocated. Bottom line is that if he cared (romantically) about you, he would be with you. He is with someone else, and hoping that they breakup is a bit selfish no?


I understand the way you're feeling (dumped by her 6 months ago, she had another friend lined up instantly), but you need to distance yourself from this guy. All it's going to do is cause you a lot of heartache. Have you started a journal about your feelings? I think when you get into these moods, you just need to stand back, and do a little reflecting. Accept the way you're feeling, and recognizing the feelings you have. Then, remind yourself he is gone- by his own choosing. Then, as you've noted, continue to work on your own life and make your own progress.

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