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Post one good thing about them being gone

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I don't miss him asking me what is wrong or what's the matter..........only to have me answer so he can basically get pissed and and throw a tissy. So yea he did not care what was wrong he basically wanted to fight or make me feel worst than I might have already felt. Sometimes, there was not even anything wrong with me at all, he would still ask, it's like he wanted a rise out of me, always fishing for drama.

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Small one, but my Snowboarding has actually improved since he's gone. I'm more likely to try new things (and succeed) because the people around me inform me what a new feature coming up is like, then i get the confidence to try after they do it. Then we all congratulate each other on small achievements.


My ex never did this.

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I have actually enjoyed going on dates again. I recently went on 2 dates with 2 girls I actually really liked. Hoping something comes out of one of them but also going to take it slow and not rush things and enjoy myself.


Also my ex reached out a few weeks ago after my dad passed reiterating wanting to be friends. I politely declined and told her why I didn't want to be friends and now when I see her at work she ignores me and doesn't even say hello back to me. Pretty petty that she was able to toss me to the curb but when I decline her let's be friends offer suddenly she is cold/salty about it.

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I love how I don't have to walk on egg shells anymore and wonder what I did or say that may trip him off. I don't have verbal insults coming in my phone for days on end.


Did this in a relationship for 3 years. It was hell having to think tactically all the time while I was in the relationship. It complete freedom when I got out of that one.....


My positive thing for not being with my most recent ex: Valentine's Day was cheaper and appreciated far more by the new girl in my life.

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His pi$$ poor attitude when he wakes up and his stupid rule of me not talking to him until he's completely awake. I wake up in a beautiful mood every day and want to say "good morning! Do u want coffee?" Only to get growled at for being sweet. Hey! Eff that guy. He can get his own coffee.

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