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Post one good thing about them being gone

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Going to 3rd the walking on egg shells, thats prolly the biggest thing i am noticing, the fact that i can move, talk, smile without comments on doing it wrong, doing it at all or doing it wierd. Also suddenly i can actually be with friends without feeling like the worst guy in the world.. And really what someone else said, not having to wonder if every action of mine is considered bad intentions, instead of love and a huge hired army of thoughts just for her, every word misinterpreted, every message misunderstood, missing a smiley in a text? Apocalypse now.

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There are several things that are good about him being gone. One of them is the obsessiveness he had in nitpicking and looking for anything he could, even the smallest of things i might have done and using it against me reminding me over and over again. It was torture. And im glad i dont have to deal with that anymore. That is good!

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I don't have to stay up late to talk to them, listen to their ignorant arrogant opinions about life like he knew , watching him mistreat his mother, spend money on gifts for him, and accepting requests from cute guys, pursuing the spiritual goals I want that he used to be against, I don't have to make them the highlight of my life anymore and that has allowed friends, family and personal and spiritual goals to come into scene.

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