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I think she left me for another man.


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With this girl for 4 years. Weve had our ups and downs and had broken up once before in January last year 2016


Weve been in some contact but since break up ive tried talking about getting back togrther and everything and she's completely against it.


She had a breakdown and said she easnt sure where shes going in life or doing and we split. 2 months later we got back together. We got back together in start of march 2016


I recently found out through lurking a photo of her and a guy on valentines day 2016 (while we were split) she added him on FB recently.


I asked her about him ajd she said hes am ex from high school and hung out while we split.


She keeps making excuses saying "were not compatiable" "i dont see a future with you anymore" etc.


It doesnt take an idiot to see you adding an ex from high school on fb after we break up to realize whats going on.


Shes still responding to my texts and calls and says she cares and still has feelings for me but im sure she left me for him or another guy.


i finally deleted her number and dropped her crap she left at ny house on her door step.


Whats your take?

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Good you ended things. Too much on/off, up/down drama. What were all the fights about?


Go no contact and block and delete her from all social media. That is the only way to move forward and put this mess behind you.


It doesn't matter that she dated during the off times but what does matter is that she said this 6727208] "were not compatiable" "i dont see a future with you anymore" etc.

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