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Could it be time to end it with my FWB?


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I have been seeing a guy for a few months now and it has basically become a friends with benefits situation. We still go on dates occasionally but I feel we both are aware there isn't much more to it then just hanging out and physical attraction. We were never official at any point and haven't really talked too much about it either.


Anyways. Outside of us I am still seeing other people (not sexually) and I am certain he is doing his thing as well. I recently started dating a guy that I am starting to become more into but I'm not sure I am willing to give up the "thing" I have going with the first guy. This new guy is also fully aware I am involved with this other guy and we haven't made it official or decided on taking this relationship anywhere else. We haven't even done so much as kiss yet.


I don't think I'm comfortable with even kissing him or taking it too far because I am already "sleeping" with someone else. (isn't my thing..?) So maybe I just don't like this guy enough to be that way with him or maybe my FWBs is finally getting in the way of me trying to have another relationship? But then again....neither me or my guy of a few months really puts anything above what we have but I also feel we have become very comfortable with where we are. Or at least this is how I have seen it.....things could be different on his end of course. Is it completely pointless to continue things with this guy if I don't see it going anywhere other than a really great sex life? Is it wrong of me to want to continue this while looking for something else? I enjoy what we are doing but it is really like a weird relationship almost that could possibly cause problems in the end. Has anyone ever been in a situation similar?

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Clearly it is, but perhaps relationships are not what you want. If you did, the fwb thing would be long gone and dating new men would be more interesting. It sounds like you are catching feelings for the fwb, but kind of in limbo there. It's a catch 22. No decent guy is going to bother when they hear of this fwb and the fwb is dating other women.

maybe my FWBs is finally getting in the way of me trying to have another relationship?
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There is nothing wrong with what you've got right now. I mean you could even stick with the FWB for sexual purposes, and go out with other guys for fun, nothing wrong with that. Take some time to reflect, and if you're truly happy with where you are, why change?


However, yes, your F-W-B situation will have to end, if and when you decide to seriously start dating someone else. I doubt any decent man would be comfortable with that situation.

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