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Need advice! I'm the dumper but i feel bad (short thread) need advice!!


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Well, almost 3 weeks ago I dumped my exbf because he was having attitudes that didnt liked me at all. (Manipulator and no patience)

He was really obssesed with me, and I'm sure that he was very in love (in a sick way of course).

The same day that i broke up with him, he was telling me that he loved me very much (and that he wanted to spend his life with me)

I got sick of his ways, he got angry and he told me "we should give us some time, or is definitive" and i said, ok, let's go to hell, bye. then i blocked him

the next day he send me another message asking if i blocked also in another platform, and then wishing me a good flight (both of them i ignored)

The same day he send me the first message he followed on twitter the girl I hate the most (they were dating like 2 weeks) before me (i wasnt a rebound, we started dating like 3 months after this, and I was his best friend for another 5 years)

This girl was meaningless, but I got a lot of conflicts with this girl

Well, he followed on twitter and then he started to post things regarding their relationship of 2 weeks!!! I just felt bad, i mean, he was in love with me, then i dumped him, and now he's flirting with the girl he used to say that was fat and ugly?

Does he care about me at all? how can he be so over me in 2 weeks?

Is he trying to manipulate me so I make some contact with him?

I never said a word to him since the BU


(We were dating for almost a year but our relationship was very intense)

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Try to remain strict, full no contact. That includes deleting and blocking him from all social media.


It doesn't matter what an ex does after a breakup, so no need to become jealous following his twitter. Why do that to yourself?


Since you broke up there's no need to care what he does or with whom. Focus on moving forward.

I dumped my exbf because he was having attitudes. he followed on twitter and then he started to post things regarding their relationship of 2 weeks.
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(Manipulator and no patience)

- he is a sick man. he is not loveable.. nor do I feel he 'loved' you.


So-- he is 'acting out'?.. Let him and move on from this. Work on YOUR healing now.


Someone like him is TOXIC. That should say enough!


Get your self respect back. ( Now that you are aware of how some can be... red flags.. you can catch on faster).

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