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He just made his son beneficiary of his new life insurance policy!

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We have been together almost 3 yrs, got promise rings over a yr ago because we have both already been married twice before and didn't want to go that route again. I live there half and with my elderly mother the other half of the time going back and forth taking care of her and his dog, I am on disability for depression. I buy things for both households, and he has told everyone that his house was mine also! He hasn't seen or talked to his son in over 20 yrs and they are not even friends on FB. I know that he has bought 2 cemetery plots, where they are and what he wants done! He wants me to take care of his dog if something happens to him and I would be unable to do that because I can't take him to my mothers home and he knows that. He just took out a life insurance policy with his son as sole beneficiary and he does not have a will! I found this out by accident, seems like he is just taking me for a ride and saying things he doesn't mean. Should I just move on because I am wasting my time on his lies and being used for his convenience? Also we do not have intimate relations because he has male problems. I believe it is due to his porn addiction. He said I could put a porn blocker on his phone but found out it wouldn't work. What should I do?


Why is this strange? All of us kids were our dad's beneficiaries until he got married to my stepmom. He didn't change it until they were married. Makes sense.


"Male problems?" What are male problems? He can't get an erection? He isn't good at sex? Sounds like that's the issue. How long have you known about his "porn addiction?"


Sounds like you just want the money. And you like his dog. That's about it.


Lots of people aren't even on Facebook so a Facebook friendship or relationship or lack of doesn't mean anything.

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