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Your First Love


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I still think of her often. Our first loves, it seems, are more deeply embedded in our psyches than anyone that follows -- perhaps because of our youth, perhaps because it's such a new experience for us. But it's one thing to think and another to obsess. There are places and songs I have to avoid entirely, just because it will open old wounds. I've moved on and have a good life, so I'm not consumed by thoughts of her the way I once was -- but she's always there, in my metaphorical peripheral vision.

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This isn't really much of post for advice it's just something i've been wondering. Do you ever think about your first love? Wonder how they're doing? Still keep in contact? Did anyone ever find their way back to theirs?


No, no, no and no .... but it was a long, long time ago. I sometimes draw on the experience to relate it to others experiences (this is a good example) but I don't think of him otherwise. Too many things and too many people have passed through my life since he was a part of it.

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I'm still in communication with my first love. We dated in high school. I think about him pretty regularly, at least lately, but it's not a longing for him. It's more a feeling of being worried for him. His life isn't in the best of places. I don't miss our relationship. We were pretty messed up kids who loved each other a whole lot but were in no way ready to be in an adult relationship. I care about him deeply but the idea of being with him in a relationship makes my skin crawl.

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Did anyone ever find themselves comparing their next relationships to the one with their first love?


It's happens but if that is the case it means you aren't ready to be in a new relationship - unless, of course, your new "love interest" is comparing rather favourably to your past love.

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I see my first love a fair bit as she is really good friends with my ex wife lol. It does become awkward at times for me and I have no idea if they have ever spoken about either of their past with me, but hey who cares I gave both of them their first orgasms each.

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Well, when you meet the person who makes anyone from the past insignificant and a distant memory, you tend to question if you even loved your "first love" at all .. Obviously, looking back I know I had feelings and cared, but to compare it to how I feel about my Husband is an impossibility. I learned that I wasted so many years of my life with two people from my past that I did not genuinely love, but only cared about. Maybe saying that it was a waste is harsh, because I did learn and grow from those experiences. It's weird, because I used to think back on my past in more of a nostalgic way, but ever since I truly fell in love none of these memories seem to tug any sort of strings I have and these faces are becoming a blur in my memories. Honestly, I'm very happy about that, because I thought I'd be haunted by my past forever.

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I haven't seen my ex since we broke up.




It was weird situation. My first loves best friend thought I was too nice of a guy to be treated badly so she told me that my first love was cheating on me.

I called her out that day, she denied it, next day we met in person and she told me the truth. I kicked her out of my house, broke up with her and that was the last time

I saw her.


at the time it probably was one of the worst pains ive ever dealt with in my life. I used to think about her a lot. took me a while to stop



but now I don't really think of her. every once in a while but not like that. I don't miss her or want her or think about her in that way

its kind like I wonder what she is up to. More curious than anything because she doesn't have any social media at all.

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