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Ex-GF ghosted me, and now follows me on IG..why?

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Just asking for some really quick advice/input. About a year and a half ago my ex-girlfriend broke up with me by essentially letting me know she needed some space (didn't break up with me at the time) — but then just ended up never talking to me ever again. It was very serious and she even asked me to move in with her a few weeks prior to asking for space.


The breakup was extremely hard on me seeing I thought she was going to be the girl I married, and it took me a good while to come to terms with it all. I did a lot of stereotypical things to get better, started hitting the gym 6x a week for almost a year, and got a sleeve on my arm. She unfollowed me in IG and defriended me on FB after I got the first piece of my tattoo.


Anyway, fast forward to now, she followed me back on Instagram and has been liking my posts every so often and I just really don't understand why and it kind of got me back in a little funk seeing as I never moved on I guess. I have been on several dates with a lot of cool/good/attractive girls but it was never really enough for me. I never stopped loving her so I'm caught in this weird stage of do I say something to her or just keep my distance as I have been? Honestly she doesn't deserve me to reach out to her and not to mention if I did, I'd feel pretty ing stupid if I ever admitted how I still feel, especially if it's completely unrequited. Any though or suggestions? I'll take any advice anyone wants to throw my way lol.


By the way, I'm 26 and she's 25 if that makes any difference at all.


Thanks all

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I wouldn't say anything. She broke up with you, she unfollowed you and now she's back. And who knows why. She knows she did you wrong. I wouldn't initiate communication. But if you must reach out to her I'd keep the contact extremely brief and general don't mention the past or anything related to feelings.

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Really? Wow, yeah, that's not cool. If she just walked like that and didn't give a reason, that's pretty cold hearted. It's difficult to say why she is back around. She might have had another relationship and it didn't work out, or she might be lonely all of a sudden and wants to see if you would still want her (that's more for ego than anything else), or she might be just wanting to know how you are without wanting more than that, and lastly, she could possibly miss you.

But I think the important thing to focus on here, is that she up and left you and was not respectful enough to give you a proper reason and closure. If a relationship doesn't work out, the very least someone can do if they really did care about you, is to explain why they feel the need to move on and to be decent about it to you.

She wasn't decent to you and showed you lack of respect.Those are fairly important issues.

I know you're not completely over her, but I hope somehow you will continue to heal and finally move on. You deserve someone who is going to be better for you and to you.

Time heals all wounds as they say, give yourself a bit more time but I hope you will see that you deserve better than this.

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