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3 weeks of NC.. And I feel like I'm doing alot better.. until.. my ex calls me out of no where. He contact me at 4am in the morning... First, I picked up unconscionably as I was asleep. Then he hung up on me. Okay. Fine. I went back to sleep. Then he called me again... I ignored it. He called me 4 more times... I just ignored them all and went back to sleep. Woke up the next morning... and felt really heart broken...


I will be honest.. 3 weeks of NC was difficult, but I kept myself busy and focus on myself. Knowing that my ex has another girl, I didn't felt motivated to even think about him or contact him. And then this happened... making me wonder why... why he contact me... why after he told me he doesn't want anything to do with me. Making my feeling hinder and confused...


Does anyone else have a similar experience?


I'm just ignoring what happened last night... but the fact that phone call hinder my feelings for him really upsets me. I feel confused and lost.. but forcing myself to keep moving forward as this was nothing. But its hard... I feel confused if I want my ex back or if I just wish he stop contacting me so I can move on...

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Theres different possibilities why he contacted you.

He contacted you because he misses you, he misses hearing your voice, your company, he loves you and couldnt stop thinking about you that day all the way till night since he couldnt sleep just thinking about you. Not, this is not what happened and we both know it. How? Well you said he already has another girl. You said 3 weeks and something about him having another girl. So at least we know why he didnt contact you.

The mind plays tricks, you can wonder all night long and even come up with your own conclusions. Or you can try to see the truth, just try. I know it hard, hang in there.

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Don't let those missed phone calls screw with your head. If he wanted to get something across, he would leave a voice mail, email, show up at your door step. Find you in person.


Why did he contact you?? He wants to see if you're still there. Answering like you used to. Calling him back like you used. When you were his girlfriend. But you're not and now you're trying to move on. Don't let him reel you back in. If he wanted you back, he should make every effort to. I'm sorry this hurts. You're not alone.

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