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Can I get help please !


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Okay! So me and my husband are trying to conceive but we're having trouble !! πŸ™ Last year I was diagnosed with pcos that's cysts in your ovaries ! I been taking metformin to cure my cyts but I'm kinda confuse because I'm irregular and sometimes I get my period and sometimes I don't and when I do get my period I don't know if I ovulate or not. I don't know what to do, and in oct and nov I did get my periods but last month I had a missed period and I did a test today and came out negative!! What could be the reason I can't get pregnant?? Has anyone feel how I feel?? Please someone help me out! I'm 24 and I want to conceive already!!

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Infertility is defined as no pregnancy after a year of unprotected regular sex. go to your doctor for a full checkup and advice about pregnancy. Also relax and don't make conception a chore running after him with it's time or whatever. Rather plan some romantic times and have sex at least 3x a week.

I'm 24 and I want to conceive already!
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