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Did he like me?


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There's this guy at work, we spoke and I found him good looking. I thought he wasn't just being friendly to me. But my friend (colleague) said she's never seen him like that and that he was really friendly to me so she thought he was flirting with me. (Don't want to get my hopes up lol).


We spoke quite a lot and it felt like he kept coming back to me so we could speak lol. When I was working, he told me to slow down I was like 😕 and he said that "I've never seen you before" in a good way..


He did tease me a bit when I asked this girl to take the clothes this way as it will be easier for her and he said you're being bossy etc and I was like "I'm just trying to help lol" and the girl said "no it's fine". He also called me "delivery girl" because I work in delivery.


In all honesty, from what I've heard.. He isn't the really friendly type so I hope he likes me.


What do you think? Not trying to be sexist, but as a female I'd really like a males perspective please.

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Yes I do.


But my advice is to not let the flirting go on too long if it does not result in a date. Whether he asks you, or you ask him, don't let the flirting go on for months with no results. As wiseman said, see how it goes, give it a few weeks and then make some moves (if he won't). If it all results in a "NO" then at least you tried.


Flirting can either end up neither here nor there if no action is put forward.

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Okay, that's fine


I'll wait to see if he flirts with me lol. Then I'll flirt back. I don't have the guts to start the flirting


Find them.


Flirting can be as easy as just smiling and maintaining a little more eye contact than you would with someone who is just a friend. It doesn't have to be grand gestures. Face him when you talk to him, open your body language. i.e don't cross your arms in front of you, or look down. He should pick up on this. And he reality is if you really like him, you'll probably be flirting without even knowing it


We can never usually find out if someone likes us without risk. Asking strangers on the Internet might be helpful, but not very accurate.

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