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is it possible to rekindle a love with an ex when ...


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Someone whom I have really loved suddenly broke up our relationship. My partner left me for some minor personality differences and although heartbroken, never contacted me to rekindle things. I was angry because of the sudden breakup and never pursued or tried to fix things between us. Needless to say, I pursued other interests, met other people and continued on with my life.



In the meantime, my now ex partner winds up meeting someone else and falls in love. I know this because I see it on Facebook and it stings. But one day, something drastic happens: The person my partner falls in love with passes away suddenly from some poison they accidentally took.


So now, I'm wondering - my ex is heartbroken over this, but if I still have an opportunity to rekindle things.


From my former partner's perspective, is it possible to fall in love with an ex even if they had fallen in love with someone after me? Our relationship was exactly a year ago, and my former partner's relationship lasted for only a month but it was intense and passionate - or so I heard.

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I would say yes it is possible for him to fancy you again...but probably after some time has passed. Eventually after grieving he'll have to move on then it will be a typical does my ex want me back situation. Not sure if you are still in contact with him or not but if you are obviously give him your condolences then maybe say if you need a shoulder to cry on I'm here, then leave the ball in his court.

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