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Is she just playing with me or shy??


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Ok so I found out this girl thinks I'm cute that sits next to me in class. I didn't pick up on her signals at first, because she seemed nervous and shy. I asked her out and she cancelled at the last minute but asked to reschedule.


I said we would hangout sometime. A couple weeks went by we would text here and there. She would send me very long messages about her family, which is usually a good sign. She would ask me for help and we would study some together. She even came to me in the library to give me her notes for a test I was studying for. I would also help her with projects that she had no clue how to do.


I would ask her if she wanted to grab something to eat but she would not reply for hours and then say "oh I'm sorry I fell asleep." Which she may have been since she has to get up early for practice and she's really busy. She's a little hard to connect with because she doesn't flirt and seems tired but that's bc she takes medicine for ADD, so she says.


After final exams, I asked her to eat and she said yes, so we ate and talked for about two hours. I finally got up and said I had to go, and we walked out and said goodbye. Ive been trying to take her on a date the past two weeks. she couldn't make it the first time so this week we have a date planned. But my friend says she's just going to cancel again and is playing me.


I'm the one that usually initiates texting. She never texts me to say what's up or anything. If she does, it's about class. But when I do text her, she acts interested and sends me long messages!! I personally thinks she's playing hard to get.


Is she playing with me?? Yes she did use me for my help, but she also helps me a lot and sends me notes for class!! Also, she always says yes to hanging out. She confuses me. Help!!

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Sounds good. I don't think she "playing you" or "playing hard to get". She sounds a bit shy and awkward, that's all. Keep in mind she could have asked anyone for help with schoolwork, but she keeps coming to you.

she seemed nervous and shy. I asked her to eat and she said yes, so we ate and talked for about two hours. this week we have a date planned.
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Give her another chance and see what happens. Being understanding is one thing but when it goes to far it is time to call it and move on.


She may be interested but if she is that busy and sleepy how can you date each other? When you go out with her call her out on it. Just tell her "You seem very busy all the time, do you not have time to date?" See what she says.



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