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Always Arguing


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I need advice on something. I think my girlfriend is way too jealous, clingy, needy that its causing us to argue everyday. I need space at times and when i tell her we argue. She has no friends and im her only friend. She works long hours everyday so i get why she would wanna see me. Im okay with that. But she constintly gets mad at me for hanging out with friends i barely hang out with now a days. And i only hang out with them when shes at work so that i can hang out with her when shes done. So i dont get why she would be mad. Im not cheating or anything but she always gets jealous. Her jealousy becomes too much that i cant control myself. A good friend had left and wont be able to see them again. I was sad and just needed time to myself to think. But nope instead she argues with me. I dont know what to do. I love her so much. But this being needy and jealous all the time is slowly making me fall out of love, which i dont want to happen at all! What should i do, im so lost.

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Could you talk to your girlfriend about her jealousy? Jealousy is normal but when it gets out of hand like your situation, it is unhealthy!


I was once like your girlfriend and later found out after seeing a therapist that there is much deeper issues that is causing it. Is getting some counselling be an option for your girlfriend? A therapist could help her dig deeper and understand why she is behaving like this.


Something has to be done or you will just explode one day and your relationship will go in a downward spiral. I mean I was able to fix my jealousy problem. Keep in mind, I fixed it because I wanted to do it to better myself. I also worked hard with a therapist and dug deep.


You could try asking your girlfriend why she's feeling this way? Ask her why she's so upset when you want to hang out with your friends? Let her know your friends are important to you. See what her response is.....

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Yes i try and talk to her about it but she always gets mad at me and i turn out to be the bad guy. I asked her about therapist one day because she has really bad anxiety but she kept giving me an excuse that it goes on her record and she wont be able to work because of it. Which i find ridiculous. I know her issues are from a horrible past. But she holds on to it that its tearing us apart. Lately my friends have been slowly not inviting me to things we usually go to and i get even more sad that i feel like im losing friends. My girlfriend is a great and awesome girl. I dont want to end things with her. But with everything going on, its draining me so much that im not enjoying conversations on the phone anymore that im called the boring one. It hurts my man pride a lot because im usually a happy guy that laughs a lot to this guy who sits there worrying if anything i say about friends or anything in general is gonna upset them and blow up into an unwanted fight

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