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first love


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dear prople. i was in love with girl during my school days {it was only a one sided love,she didint loved me at all}now after 12 years i am married to some one else ,i recently met my first love through online..i met her last week as we are staying in a same city..i dont have any feelings for her but deep inside i belive my life would have been much better if i married my first love,,she is divorced and we are in touch now a days..my question is meeting her and keeping in touch with her will affect my marriage? cs my wife dont know that i am meeting her..i just want to help my first love as she is struggling with the recent divorce

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i didnt know what to do.. i am sorry..can u please delete this thread?


It was on the forum rules when you created an account. You should of seen it twice while registering . By creating an account you agreed with ENA's contract.


Members are permitted to have one account on eNotalone unless a second account is approved by the moderating team due to exceptional circumstances. Registration of multiple accounts belonging to the same person is prohibited. Members risk having all accounts closed permanently if they create multiple accounts without prior approval.


Why did you create a second account posting the same question? What are you trying to hide?

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