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My girlfriend is disgusted with me


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No, it is spaghetti in a can with disgusting sauce.


Oh right it's already in sauce.


The original post makes it sound like she thinks it's ok for a 29 Year 11 month man to eat this but not a thirty year old man.


Once you're thirty, you need to eat it off Victorian silverware while wearing a suit. It's the mature thing to do. Have you tried that, J Man? I reackon she'll be impressed.

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Hmm. There's only one time in my life I've been known to indulge in such barbaric atrocities. Approximately an hour after partaking in homeopathy involving some medicinal herbs.


Not saying your guys are walking around cosmically shifted, but, well actually that is what I'm saying. Vapourising in the toilet, most likely

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Thank you to all the people who supported me.


No thank you to all bourgeois elitists who think they're above a perfectly nice room temperature authentic canned Italian cuisine experience. You can kindly leave my thread.


As an update, she made another cute little passive aggressive, verbally abusive joke. We're going to an all inclusive resort in Cancun on Saturday and she said, "Look at all the restaurants there. Now you don't have to eat out of the can." Yeah, very funny. Joke's on her, though. I just packed three cans in my bag.

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I've been to a few places in and around Riviera Maya, and I contract in some other areas in Mexico during off-seasons, but I've never been to a Cancun resort before. Suggestions would be awesome. My girlfriend doesn't speak Spanish so I wasn't sure she'd be a fan of the resorts I'm used to as she wouldn't be able to meet and communicate with many guests, who tend to be European, namely Italian and Spanish. I hear Cancun's a bit more centered toward Americans and Canadians, so so thought she'd probably have a better time. We're staying at the Hyatt Zilaria. I *MIGHT* post some pictures for y'all.


But, again, any ideas for the next trip would be awesome.

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I really like Xel Ha. It's an all day eco park and, even though it's like $100 pp to get in, it covers everything - transport, lockers, towels, snorkel equipment, food, alcohol... its awesome. Coco Bongo is super fun and I'm not a partier. Pay the extra for reserved seating, get there when it opens, and start the night by tipping your waiter a $20. You won't be thirsty.


Bring like 3x the sunscreen you think you'll need plus some aloe. It's way more expensive at the resorts


I really like the Surfin Burrito. The owner is this American surfer dude who is always high and it's just so much fun hanging out there.


Take a day trip to Isla Mujeres and rent a golf cart. Super fun.


That's all I've got for now

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