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Why shes happy why im the one suffering when I gave it all?

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Oh I feel so bad! On new year eve she went to pick up her stuff at the storage. She told my friend that she will give her the phone but still haven't ( she knows I have to return it to fully close the line) but im not going to bother. She said she won't give me back my hookah ($100 cost) and the $100 I lent her on Christmas Eve she wont give it back to take it from all the money I took from her (God knows I didn't) I still have access to her bank account but I won't take it.


I talk on a regular basis with son's baby sitter and she called me today saying that my ex contacted her that she is going to take care of him again that she got an studio for herself and son that I didn't want to give her the furniture and she has to buy new ones. When she knows I told her to take it and she said no.


Now Im the bad one because I disconected her line. Now shes the one moving on happy with an apartment on her own that she didn't need my help to do it. My furniture are all in a storage bc I need to pay my school and credit card loans.


She dont see that I helped her to be a driver, that I supported her financially for a month as she wasn't working and that she stayed at my mother apt with me and I covered all of the expenses.


Im the one now with all this debt feeling like I was the bad one for disconecting her line that I was selfish bc I knew she need it for work. It doesn't matter that she badmouthing about me that she left me to be with other women and that she had a whole month to get another phone but she used the money on these women at restaurants.


Shes now moving on with an apartment for herself, happy -while idk what to do with the furnitures at the storage because still reminds me of her and paying monthly.


I decided to stop calling baby sitter as she nows going to take care of him. Last thing I want her to thing is that Im calling to know about her, which it doesn't do any good to me.


Im going to start gym, counseling and stop stalking on social media. But I just want to understand why life is so unfair what I did wrong. Im the bad one im the selfish bc I disconected her line she's demonstrating she can move on without me - when God knows I supported her as no one ever did

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You're only the bad one if you believe you are. She can think what she wants - it doesn't make it true. You're making a lot of assumptions about her being happy. Perhaps it's true, but based on her behavior it's delusion at best.


Leave her to her delusions. Sell the furniture or give it away so you don't have to keep paying for the storage unit.


Be grateful you've escaped the prison of this toxic relationship.

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