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I love my girlfriend, but she's incredibly needy.


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I've been with her for almost a year now, and this is one of the most draining relationships I've ever been in, both physically and emotionally. We're both 18 and in high school, we're both (relatively) mature people, I more so than her, and she's one of the most pleasant humans I've ever been around, for a short period of time. Things were fine at first, a normal relationship with the settling period of getting to know each other and the awkward first kiss, etc. Recently however, things have gotten unbelievably hard on me. She always wants attention, she freaks out if I ever say anything she doesn't agree with, I'm expected to buy her ridiculously expensive stuff for every holiday, and I get pestered about the smallest . She wants me to stay up full days at a time so she can talk to me about stupid , and then wants to have sex multiple times throughout the day. It sounds like a pretty good time to most teenage boys, but for any guy that has a very sexually active girlfriend, you can probably relate. She complains about being bored too. I'm exhausted from lack of sleep, but I'm still expected to please her. If I don't, I get a y monstrosity who yells and whines about literally anything she can be angry about until I give in and have sex with her for two hours plus. It's horrid. She won't accept responsibility for anything, and every time I bring up this conversation, she cries and says stuff like "Why am I the bad one? I didn't do anything wrong!" She tends to make me exceptionally angry, and then I'll say one wrong thing, and she'll get really pissed and sad, and go pout for two hours while yelling at me to leave her alone. If I do leave her alone, she tells me I don't care. If I try to comfort her after swallowing my pride, she tells me to "Give [her] some ing alone time" I love her with all of my heart, but I just can't do this anymore. I feel like everything I do with her is not enough, and that I'm disposable to her. Advice is welcome, and I really don't want to leave her.

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It sounds to me like you have two options:


1) Stay with her and keep getting what you've been getting

2) Walk away


I'm sure there are good things in this relationship, and it's hard to walk away from someone you love -- but deep down you know you can't keep up this level of emotional insanity. She sounds like a spoiled princess, maybe a bit narcissistic even. I spent four years on a similar roller coaster ride. I loved the highs. but after a while I got tired of the inevitable lows and ended it. I found a stable woman and have never looked back.

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I don't really go for the "I get_____". It takes two to tango -you only can get if you're there to receive. So the second she starts speaking inappropriately or whining simply say without hostility "let's talk when you want to have a real discussion where we talk respectfully and don't interrupt/get defensive - now doesn't seem to be the time". Then take your space -leave, go to another room, go for a walk, etc. See if that changes her behavior.

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Sounds like she may be taking advantage of you, almost like she knows you don't want to leave her so she can say and do whatever she pleases because she Knows you'll not leave. As hard as it is I think you should leave her or if not at least have a break from eachover. She may realise what she had and is willing to change her ways, or her true colours may come out and show you that she's not the person you fell for. Partners are supposed to be supportive of one another and selfless, but she sounds the total opposite, and no one deserves to be in a relationship like that, it's not fair on you.

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