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Ex wants to meet up?


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Long story short - we broke up because we were fighting a lot and we both couldn't deal with the fighting because we were so busy with school and internships and work because we are finishing our degrees this year. We got in a fight one night and took it as an opportunity to step back. He kept saying that he just "needs time" and couldnt do this right now. Breaking up gave me so much perspective on our relationship, I've been taking care of myself, going to a counsellor and just bettering my life without him, I would love to give things another try after everything I have learned from being apart... anyways.. it has almost been 2 months since the breakup, we were NC.

our families are very close and I saw him texting my mom last week saying that he's not sure if i am ready to talk, and that he misses me and wanted to know how I am doing, and that the last month has been extremely tough especially without me (since we are both so busy with school). He texted me the next day just small talk at first asking how my holidays are going, and then asked to meet up after new years because he wants to talk about things?? Is this a good idea?! I personally don't think he would want to meet up just to reiterate the fact that we are broken up, considering he didn't even want to meet to talk after the initial breakup because it just made things more difficult. I saw his message with my mom thanking her for being there for both of us, and he told her that her and my dad have raised the sweetest most beautiful girl he knows.. he texted me for new years right at midnight and we have been chatting since. I don't want to meet up if it is just going to make things harder

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