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Changing Schools and Leaving Him Behind?


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I've recently made the decision to transfer to a school about five minutes away from my current one, and I'm worried about what will happen to my relationship. He and I are used to spending the majority of our day together, we have 5/8 of our classes together, and we've become accustomed to seeing one another so frequently. However, after I've dealt with severe depression, anxiety, and other mental illnesses as a result of the bullying, I made the decision to leave the school I'm currently attending to better my mental health.


How exactly should him and I go about keeping the relationship strong? We've been together nine months, known each other since 4th grade (We're both 16 now - I can drive, he can't) and have a great chemistry.


I've asked him about what he wants to do, and he's never given me a definite answer, Just that he "has faith in us staying together"... Suggestions???

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I dated a girl who went to a different school when I was your age. We hung out after school and spent weekends together. It totally worked, and in some ways I think it was better that we went to different schools, because it kept everyone from gossiping about us all the time


It will definitely be different after you switch schools, but that's not a bad thing. You may spend less time together, but it can be quality time. Changes like this have the potential to strengthen the bond between two people.


I'm sorry you were bullied and hope your new school is a better environment for you.

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