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Should I walk away?

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I have been involved with a woman that is married to a man. She says she is not happy with him and claims she wants to divorce. I have waited for a long time for this to happen.

I have now decided I should see other people instead of waiting on her. She is extremely angry with me. She makes me feel guilty about my decision. Should I cut off contact with her at this point? I want to become a better person, but I feel she stays angry with me about the new path. She continues to tell me about how many people are dying to have a shot with her.

When she says things like that it seems obvious to me that she has no intention of leaving the marriage. I feel like she just wants to have people on the side. Please help me see the light.

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The way I see it, if she is cheating on her husband, then what makes you think she will be faithful to you. This is where you need to focus on you, stop all contact! Don't give her the satisfaction of having her cake and eating it too. Start thinking about yourself and your needs. You are what matters. Start doing things with your friends/family. Start a old/new hobby. Maybe counseling will do you some good. I feel for you, I have been in this situation before, eventually I got tired and just walked away altogether. I realized I deserved better!

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