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My husband says he's done but I want us to work Things out


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This is my first post here and some background on is my husband and I have been together 8 years married 5.

One 6year old together. Our marriage was flawless and What some would consider perfect.... well I went on a girls trip out of the country in august and ended up having sex with a guy I met there a few weeks after getting back home I ended up getting back in touch with the guy and even took another trip out of the country to see the guy again in September ...this all lasted for approximately 2 months before my husband found out through reading some explicit texts between me

And the other guy and he is completely disgusted with me entirely! I have ended the affair and when asked questions I try to be as open about it as possible but he assumes I'm lying and when he ask why I did it I have no clue other than new attention felt good... we have been separated but living together since this happened so about 4 months and he just decided to move out a few days ago, he says he loves me but can longer be with me due to trust what can I do to salvage my marriage if anything any advice helps ,counseling is off the table and I'm ok him taking space but how can I work with him through this it's been miserable

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There's nothing you can do to salvage your marriage.


The decision to cheat was yours alone, you had complete control over that situation and you chose to move forward.


Now the decision to reconcile lies completely within your husband's control and all you can do is wait.


You can try showing some remorse but I doubt it will have any effect on him, this is something he needs to work out on his own. For now just abide by his wishes whether it's to leave him alone or give him a lot of bjs. You had your chance to be selfish and now it's his turn.

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