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Girl says she needs time apart to focus on herself?

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So me and this girl have been "on" for more than 6 months now. We are both 15 yrs of age.


Just recently she has told me that she doesn't think she can cope with what's going on between us right now and that she needs to focus on herself. She said that i'm "always on her mind" and that it's driving her crazy. She said that having me distracts her from focusing on herself and what's important for her right now. I told her that I'm willing to wait till the time is right, she replied back that I don't have to wait for her because apparently i could do so much better than her. I just feel that i've lowered her self esteem. She said she "likes me too much" that she can't handle it right now. I'm just really really confused.


Now I really don't know if to wait for her, (she's definitely worth waiting for, but i don't know if the time will ever come) or to just move on (which is really going to hurt me and probably going to hurt her too).


Is it problem that she likes me so much that she's being taken away from her own self and she realises that and has made this decision? Or is it simply just an excuse to waive me off?


What does this all mean?

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