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Very sad: Need advice


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Oh God...I have undone my 4 days...today on my 5th day of NC.I could not control myself. I tried calling him up first from office phone and then from my mobile. Since he's in Muscat , his phone was not available. Then when I came home I wrote this email to him:




You must have got all the time over the last few days to contemplate about us and I hope that you have concluded that we should be together because I have done a lot of introspection and have come to the same conclusion. I can work through all other issues and assure you that we can come to common grounds.

Because I love you and you love me.

Please come back to me and give us a last chance.

Lets be together baby, life is very short/unpredictable, we should not leave loved ones behind.

I implore you to please reply to this email.

I need you to tell me that you do not love me anymore because if that''s the case then only we should not be together. I cannot accept otherwise.

Because, In all the other cases, we should be together. Because I love you. I love you more than my life. And I have seen your love for me in your eyes too.

Miss you too much XXXXXX.


Forever yours,



PS: Please unblock me on whatsapp

PPS: Hope you submitted your XXXXXX acceptance. Its last date is on 6th Jan.

PPPS: Please reply to this email."


He has obviously not replied. I am devastated. Is he really enjoying orgies in Muscat? Is he really not in love with me anymore?

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