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Constantly sad and don't know what to do


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I feel so alone lately. None of my 'friends' seem to really care about me or want to spend time with me and before my best friend and i would hang out all the time because we were all eachother had. We were both losers who became friends really but now she's a lot prettier and more popular than me and she's always spending time with other people. We used to hang out almost every saturday and now she's always with her boyfriend and i know it's selfish of me and she always says that she only sees him once a week and i understand tht she wants to spend as much time with him as possible but i feel so neglected. For about two years i've felt her growing distant from me and ignoring me to talk to her other friends and would always come running back to me when things don't work out and i can't help feeling like a back up friend who she relies on to always be there because i have no one else yet she's only here when she needs me. I constantly guve her in depth advice yet when i try to talk to her about how i feel she takes it as a joke or replies with 'ah that sucks'. I have no plans for my future and i know that when i leave this school i'll have no one and it scares me. I love her but she doesn't seem to care about me or our friendship as much as i do and i've tried to tell her how neglected i feel but she gets upset and so do all my ither friends but no one ever wants to spend time with me after school. I do so much for my friends and they complain about all the effort i put in. Now i'm home alone and drunk and my friends are ignoring my snaps and messages and idk what to do. I feel hopeless, sad and alone

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Hi lovely creature,


You sound like me a few years ago, my best friend did that to me and a lot more crap that i could have avoided if i followed my future me`s advice.


My advice, let her go.


It was the most painful thing ive ever done but the best thing for my life. It allowed me to find myself and it pushed me to get out there and make my own world.


Im not going to tell you its easy, its not, but its worth it.

If you dont its most likely going to get worse and drag on which huuuurts.

I wish i had cut the cr#p when i first realised what she was like but i felt i NEEDED her, i didnt.


Find some new hobbies, do things you love, dont rely on other people to make you feel good, you are amazing, remember that.


When you feel low, write about it in a private diary and let it out, writing it will make it clearer and at least for me it makes it easier to deal with.


Its a lonely world chick, it is but if you feel good with yourself then you will enjoy your own company and that will always be the best!


Good luck lovely. X

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