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Don't know how I feel about him


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This all started about five months ago. We were always very good friends, we started hanging out more, and right now I would say he is my closest and most trusted friend. Now, something happened back then, but since we live in different countries, we found it difficult to be together. Whenever he came back, we would kiss, we would hang but we never treated it like a relationship and we never told anybody. Now I know he really likes me, the thing is - as strange as this may sound - I don't know how I feel towards him. I care for him deeply, I feel like my true self around him, but I really don't know if I should have a relationship with him. He cares a lot - he is very sweet, caring and extremely thoughtful! He is amazing. Everyone thinks we are together and that we would look amazing together (which is something that adds more pressure on me). Now, this whole situation is chocking me up: I am afraid that I will make a wrong choice: a choice I would regret for the rest of my life. Because if I chose to be with him, I am afraid that it might turn into something very serious which I wouldn't be able to be in (relationship commitments make me nervous and scared) but yet if I chose to just be friends I am afraid that one day I will regret my choice and want to be with him - but that it would be too late (not only this, but I am afraid that our friendship will be destroyed no matter what - something that also scares me). To be honest, I need to make a decision because it is not fair on him - but I need help on deciding on what is the right thing to do. Thanks and I gladly want to hear your insight xxx

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Just stay friends. It reduces all the pressure, solves all the dilemmas and no one gets hurt.. How old is he? How often does he travel to your country?


He hasn't moved anything forward so there's no need to worry about losing the friendship. If he wants fwb and you don't, just say no.

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