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Feel sick and nervous when I get feelings for someone


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This is kind of weird and hard to explain but I'll give it a go. My issue is robably down to my anxiety. Whenever I'm anxious about something I feel physically sick and in most cases will puke. I had a really dark depressing phase at one moment where i was in my room for over a week being sick and not functioning due to depressive thoughts and stuff. However, most of the time I am fine but whenever I get feelings for someone I freak out. I've been friends with this guy for a couple of years and we have become extremely close in that time. Recently we both admitted to having feelings for one another, however I simply can't face them. The thought of going on a date or getting close to him makes me feel physically sick and panics me. But then there are others time when that's all I want, just to chill with him and hug him and go places and share things with him. But when it actually comes down to it I just freak out at the thought of it. I don't know why

And then also normally I'm a big romantic, yet whenever I like someone, if I see something romantic I just find it off utting and unnatural. It's like I don't / can't get close to him cuz I'm scared and it s not about being scared of getting hurt, ;that doesn't bother me. And I just feel weird, if we didn't have feelings then I could most likely meet up with him outside class time and feel relaxed, we're both 18 by the way, last year of high school

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Relax. At 18 it's just hanging out enjoying yourselves. Everybody gets nervous around crushes. Take a deep breathe and say "I'm not at the alter with a gun to my head". It's just hanging out.


Talk to your parents about taking you to a doctor if you think it's more than teen angst or impairs more important aspects of your life.

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I hope you are in therapy? This stuff can become dibilitating Talk to your dr. maybe get something for your anxiety.. ?


Maybe you should continue to take it all at a slow pace. he already knows you kinda like him... BUT..


Maybe, in time you should explain how you can be... anxious, etc. Would be good for him to read up on that-- learn.


I too, deal with all you do.. and admit I am not ready to be involved again, at this time in my Life. Just can't... dont have it in me.


So... life goes on.. and Im okay with that.

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