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Anyone Watching the 'Breaking Bad" Marathon on AMC This Week?


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I missed it back when it aired originally so have taped this marathon and so far have watched the entire first season and most of the second.


Wow I am totally riveted!! I didn't think I would like it but heard so much about it, I just had to see. I'm addicted now, can't stop thinking about it!


IMO, Jesse makes that show. I like Walt too, and Hank .... but Jesse, I dunno, something about him.... just makes me want to reach out and hug him!!


Sensitive, troubled, emotional, deep, risk-taker, stands up for himself, doesn't take ****, among other things that make him who he is.


I actually cried right along with him when his girlfriend OD'd, man that's some good acting!!


Anyway, can't wait to get home to continue watching and was wondering if anyone else was.

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