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Another Update


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So I posted an update prior. Just wanted to give some hope to those out there struggling.


I know you hurt. I know how you hurt. But understand there is a light at the end of the tunnel. No matter who or what is shining that light , it's there.


Today my ex and I hung out, got her car fixed, went to the mall and went to see her family. We caught up, joked around, and it all was perfect. A little flirting here and there but nothing crazy. All I heard was how much she missed everything and my dad and family. She didn't spend Christmas with me and them for the first time and she said it she missed everyone like crazy. She did do something a little interesting. We went to her place to grab something of hers and I used her bathroom. I must have left the door cracked because I saw her out of the corner of my eye peeking!! I called her out on it and she just smiled and made up some bs excuse, and smiled again. And when we said goodbye, we hugged very tightly. I didn't try and kiss her and I even looked the other way. As I walked away she blew a kiss to me, however.


My point for this is to show that it is possible. I have zero expectations. My hopes are not up. Life needs to happen the way that it is intended. Do not pressure.


I don't know what this all means. I was tickling her leg and she was laughing, she kept touching my face. But the point is, just let things happen. It sucks for everyone after a breakup, but I promise it ALWAYS gets better

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This post actually made me smile. Sometimes it really is okay just to relax and let go and see where the day takes you. I'm glad you had a positive experience there.


Good, I'm glad! This forum is all about knowing that you're not alone, and if I can make anyone smile, then I've done my job. But yes, I never anticipated seeing her again. I have always had a feeling in the back of my mind that I would, like a gut feeling, but I never believed it. And last time I saw her I was still tore up from the breakup so naturally I came off as pressuring, etc. So I made sure this time I was completely healed and able to be in her presence without going nuts lol.


From what I could tell, there are still feelings there. Not saying that because I'm expecting something to happen, just saying it because its amazing how much can change and yet stay the same. Im a pretty keen observer, and I don't know any of my 'friends' that would peek on me peeing in the bathroom.


But thanks for replying. I hope everyone on here knows that good things come, always

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