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Hey guys i just needed some advice on a girl i've been talking to. Here are some details about her.


We met in highschool but now that we've graduated we only talk online (snapchat) we have a streak going on (178 Days) and we have that best friend streak. She was my prom date as she asked me at the start of grade 12 and that was when i thought she liked me, but back then i was a player and didnt really want a relationship.


But on the last week of high school i realised that i like her and i wanted to tell her how i felt. It has almost been a year since i thought she liked me so when i told her how i felt she told me that she didnt feel the same way about me and that she hoped we'd still remain as friends. Though i was heartbroken, i kept trying. Ever since then we've been talking everyday on snapchat, she tags me in alot of facebook posts (not memes) and we talk alot everyday until sometimes i fear that i'll run out of things to say 😂 She called me bro a few times like 3-6 times out of 178 days (is that normal or am i friendzoned?)


But February next year i'll be going back to my country to serve the army for two years. And she suggested that we hung out before i leave. We'll be going to a art museum sometime in January as she is away on holidays at the moment.


I felt like i already said alot so i'm gonna stop here, if i missed out on any points do let me know and i will fill you in. But all i am asking is that if i'm friendzoned at the moment or not? And will i ever have a chance with her??


Thank you for reading it all and please excuse the bad english haha

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It sounds to me like you are squarely in the friend zone and are there to stay. Attempting to turn this into a romance will likely ruin the friendship. Since you're going to be gone for two years, it hardly seems like the ideal time to bring it up. Have an an enjoyable trip to the art museum and be grateful for her friendship.

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