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He keeps asking me.....what do I reply?


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So first of all I'm gay and lately theres been a friend of mine who I've been crushing on. I've got previous posts about it but anyways. He's known to be straight but there are rumors and vibes i get off him which led me to pursue him. We have been hitting it off to the point I thought it might actually be going somewhere. He told he he was single although theres a girl who we assume he's dating but he keeps denying it. So the other day I ran into him at the mall with her and he immediately turned red, he then quickly tried to explain to me that he took her shopping because she forced him to while she was standing there and he was like "I'm seeing you tomorrow morning right?" I played it cool talked to both of them and left. So from then on I've been a bit cold with him, like who wouldnt? He keeps asking me why I'm acting weird around him and whats wrong. So now I dont know if I should come clean to him and just let it out as a last attempt and If I do, how should I go about it?

I'd really appreciate any ideas guys, thanks a million in advance. Cheers.

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He knows you're gay right? Do you know if he's straight, gay, bi or on the down-low? Are you fearing that mentioning your attraction will ruin the friendship if he's straight?

a friend of mine who I've been crushing on. He's known to be straight. I ran into him at the mall with her. I dont know if I should come clean to him.
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Does this guy know for sure? In the future you'll only hurt yourself being on the down low and going after straight guys because you believe they "may" be gay. Be yourself. Join some gay clubs groups and the LGBT community rather than fantasizing that you can turn straight men gay.

I'm pretty sure all my friends know 'm gay
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