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Christmas, im sorry I broke NC!

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I'm so weak ! I couldn't do it. We parted on good terms and it's been almost 2 years together so it felt weird NOT to say merry Christmas. I kept it brief, said hope you have a good night. After a couple of hours he said hope you are surrounded by your best friends. I said 'of course' partly by mistake but it worked.


I feel so bad for breaking NC. Part of me wanted or him to contact me....part of me wanted to be the bigger, more mature person. My friend who was awol at the time was mad at me, and It didn't make me feel better... but I don't feel immature despite my mistake, it just didn't make me feel bettet.... and I do regret it. It's just so horrible to have someone you shared your life for nearly two weeks be a stranger less than two weeks later. It hurts


I'm sorry... I just had a weak moment and it was too late.

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No big deal, it wasn't exactly a begging and pleading message. Just maturely wished him a merry xmas. Certainly don't beat yourself up about it!


However, with 2017 just around the corner, it is now a perfect time to start looking forward. Fresh start. And a successful year ahead will be more likely if you refrain from further contact while you recover.

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I did that last year. The wait between my text and the reply was agony, and made me realize how much making contact set me back.


It didnt make you feel better. It didn't make me feel better when I did it either. But at least it didnt spiral out of control and leave you looking crazy, as often happens when people break NC.


Anyways, this could have been way worse. So... now you know it wont make you feel better. Restart No Contact, give yourself some time, and next time you think about making contact, remember how it actually made you feel.

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Oh god i was terrified to read this this morning, I was definitely drunk when I wrote this.

This morning I woke up and read the message he sent back. He probably didn't really know what to say either..or as you say was busy. He actually sent a really nice message back...im not sure why in my twisted head I thought anything other than that but I did. I don't think that now, I think he wrote a genuine message.....definitely NO phones with alcohol for any reason from now on. I dont actually feel that bad about it but ill be back to NC now...that was a holiday exception. New years is a new year and there will be no messages.


Rosecolour...we broke up on the 11th. talked a couple of days after about it all...then i went to no contact. My big ass cry last night kinda made me feel better today I think. I think I let it out a lot of pent up emotion that I have been trying to mask.

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