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This Christmas would be a lot easier if he hadn't jumped into a new relationship


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Hey, I am sorry you're going through this I am too, except she left me for someone else. Just recognize that your ex can do whatever they want to do, they have that right. You just need to focus on healing and doing positive actions (journaling, exercise etc...). You're not ready to date anyone serious yet, you have a lot of healing to do and it will come with time. Try and spend your holiday doing something that you enjoy

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I know how that is. My boyfriend of three years broke up with me a week before Christmas and I found out on Christmas he's already moved on to one of his coworkers and has been seeing her since a few days after he said he wanted time to think about us.

And he was too cowardly to have told me himself. He kept insisting he still wanted to talk and try to be friends. He just let her tag him in a snapchat she put on Facebook (he's had stress/cold feet in the past; we always still talked).

So now he's acting like I'm the because I sent him a text that I couldn't believe he would do that and it hurt me... and he happened to be at her house at the time (how would I have known that?).

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Hey hun, I'm so sorry, please trust me when I say there is no happiness to come from viewing profiles or watching your ex move on - it's never as perfect as it seems, but most of all it's torture to watch, I've done it. I know it's hard but blocking everything is the best way to heal - out of sight out of mind, what's meant to be will be xx

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