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I have loved the same girl for years and now she is a full blown woman and I dont know how to what she needs. She says shes happy but she is so dam independemt i dont know how to become more than what she already does. I feel bad she works on her own car and makes so much money that my check is nothing compared to mine.

i think ill lose this angel if i dont figure it out


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Read The Five Love Languages. Each person usually values one form of love over all the others. Some people thrive on verbal affirmation like compliments and flowery, romantic words of love. Some people value physical affection like caressing hair, back rubs, hand holding, etc. Some value service acts the most like doing extra chores, cooking special meals, picking up something for their partner at the store. Some value little gifts like roses and trinkets. If she's happy, you're probably meeting her love language requirement. To be sure, reading this book together and answering the questions asked in the book will confirm that all is well.


You need to be confident that you are enough. If you don't feel good enough, she'll sense this and start wondering if she couldn't do better. Don't be a self fulfilling prophesy with your worrying and self esteem issues. That in itself is a downer that will destroy the relationship.

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