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I just met this girl who is a Picese and I'm a Gemini. Im met her o FB . We have a mutual friend and we hung out once but we've talked off & on for about 3 months now and I lIke her A Lot!! I told her how much I enjoy her company, mainly phone convos. I even wrote telling her my feelings. She calls me babe and I do too sometimes. We talk more through messaging. I love her personality but she has a wild past...I can't say what is because I care about her Soooo much. She called right we started talking, all of a sudden she just hung up and said she had another and will call back? Never did. I thought that was rude so I sent her another text to tell her if I did something wrong please lemme know. Now I don't hear from her at all?

Is she gone? GIRLS, I NEED YOUR HELP. What can I do to regain that trust and interest again from her? In the beginning she told me stuff and I tried reasoning n give positive advices but maybe she took the the wrong way. What should I do

Please help thanks GOD bless and happy holidays

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