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So me and my ex have been together for two years, recently he had acquired a job in British Columbia, I live in Manitoba and he left for a month, at the time before that we have been arguing over the same thing and going in loops, lost our connection and we're planning to have a fresh start with this movie. Sadly things went sour and he ended it 5 days before he comes back home tomorrow.

Basically he felt like he couldn't do it anymore, tired of the arguing which I understand fully and I can't live in regret over everything. Haven't talked to him since Monday and even then I had only called and asked why and that maybe we can make it work, no dice and he said it wasn't fair to both of us.


For me I feel like this was generally easier now, my break-up with my first love was the worst.

At the same time I'm packing up my stuff and looking at all the things we had purchased for one another and it slightly hurts.

I understand how it would be easier for him considering he will be moving fully in a week or two.

Me and him were different people, at this point in my life I was open with my emotions, he wasn't. He had a past of drugs and alcohol to numb pain, he was molested as a child and I guess in he end we didn't really know how to love one another the way we wanted, to be honest he loved when I was happy and when I'd do things for me even though he had trouble showing it.

The thing that scares me is I'm going good with good with this no contact thing, he has asked his friend if she talked to me and she said "of course you're both my friends" no response to it. I'm worried that he'll come to the apartment and I'll be gone but memories will still be here and he'll text me. I don't see it happening because he is stubborn in soul, but he does feel deep down and I feel that he's going to notice I'm gone for sure.

He's always said that if we were to break up he'd reach out later on, I always told him that wouldn't be a good idea.

But again I'm content with working on myself because maybe it's time to be single and focus on myself for once, and on the other hand and I can already see the responses, a small part of me wonders that if he ever does miss me and wants me back, I would be willing to try again on better terms.


Have you ever seen something like this? Someone moves away starts a new life in the green grass and completely forgets about their ex? Again we had a ton of good memories until just recently and I have to admit, probably the most interesting relationship I've had psychologically.

I understand we all have our biased opinions, but really as content as I am with this and how I feel so okay with everything, part of me still loves him and I feel that maybe this move coming up was kind of a signal that maybe we should stop for awhile and now wasn't the time.


Again the no contact is for me to focus on me and move on, but at the same time people often do want to try again and generally miss that person, I only miss him now cause it's fresh. I also feel that maybe one day he'll miss me too if things don't go good for him, who knows?

This was also his first sober relationship so I was understanding that maybe he didn't know how to handle it all correctly, but the break-up is actually gracious, I do want him to remember me as a mature person, I mean I could break his TV and stuff right now if I wanted to but I'm not angry at all. I just want him to know that I care just from the subtlety of the situation and him coming home to find his furniture and things intact.


I guess I'll get to the point, have you ever heard of a situation like this and what was the end result? I see two years as a short time but a lot of people feel like we've been together longer so I don't know lol.

Again, I won't live on that hope but if it ever pops up I might be open to it. Again, no contact seems to be working for me slowly and I'm actually being successful at it even though it's been only two days.

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