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Me and my ex meet in internet, and we actually haven't met up, we planned to meet up this winter, we felt so right that we were meant to be with each other, but after happening some issues between us, he broke up with me about 3 months ago.


Before that, he asekd me two times that he need space, so i gave him space. But he broke up with me eventually. I have serached lots of advice and articles of depression, knew that sometimes they were just not them, saying the words what they don't really mean to say, so i understand that and slowing learning not to influenced or overanalyse every word he said to me. But sometimes its just really hard, he told me that he is not going to change his mind and we are never going to get back, i dunno if its what he truely means or just the depression speaking for him..


He bolcked me when he broke up with me, but unblocked me about two weeks later. Few days later i messaged him that i have so many words want to say to him but he just told me that i can say it but he has to make it clear that he doesn't want to get in the relationship especially long distance.


Three weeks ago he told me suddenly that he miss me but hope that he was blocked, and talk about those depression stuff like he just can't make me happy and keep feeling guilty.


And recently, i told him i will be here supporting him, understood and aoplogized to him that i put too much pressure on him, and told him if he needs to talk or want to talk to me im here, but he just sent "thanks, but not very talktive through". I dunno when i see this message i feel like he just doesn't love me anymore? I dunno if its because of his depression or he just doesnt want to talk to me and doesn't love me anymore ( i have seen some articals said that British (he is British ) often speak subtle approach which sometimes don't tell their true feeling + he doesn't want to hurt me ).


I still really really love him, and i want him happy but i want to get back together at the same time, i know its impossible now, but i just wonder, as you guys see, (especially who know well about depression) does he still love me.. is there any hope of us get back together..?


Please help..

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