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Does he like me or just all in my head


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Okay so I go to church with my family every Sunday. Well my mom has a friend who goes there and her sons are hot. They dress nice and they are well built. I've noticed that one of them has been staring at me first thought it's all in my head right bc he's so fine how can he stare at me right lol. But yeah I seen him stare at me then I was kinda sure he was staring at me. He's family was leaving going one way he went another way and he past by me. Later that day I got home and was on Instagram and he has requested me on it because I'm private.... so he likes me or not ?!?

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Yes, if you talk to someone it's much easier to get a handle on whether you like them or not; or, indeed, if they like you. Instagram might provide the means of connection which will help with the build up to (wait for it) conversation. You can always message him if talking to him seems a bit much at this stage.


The only thing you can tell by looking is whether you find the other person physically attractive or not. End of.

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Have you broken up with your bf yet? You can add this guy to your social media since he's a church friend, no?


Are you trying to determine if he's interested so you can decide whether or not to break up with your bf? Why doesn't your bf go to church with you?

I've been dating this guy for a year now almost two. Things haven't been as good I question my feelings for him. I have already been feelings distance from him. Last Sunday I seen this guy stare at me at church I was shook he was looking at me bc well his just in my opinion out of my league so I ignored the fact I thought he was staring at me from a distance. I got home and he has sent me a request on Instagram.... what should i do help pls !!
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