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I would give it a couple more days and see if he doesn't contact.


If he doesn't, it's your call if you feel like apologizing for the situation. That's only if you feel you went overboard.


However, if you DO decide to clear things up or apologize or whatever you wanna call it, just dont expect a reply. If he does then cool. If not. You learned a lesson.

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Usually the best approach to the slow fade is to pull the plug yourself.

Some signs of slow fading.

1. He doesn’t call as much.

2. He texts and emails less.

3. His texts and emails become short and not so sweet.

4. He is suddenly very “busy.”

5. He has so many family problems.

6. He gets sick.

7. He looks less appealing.

8. He acts like a pick.

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Why can't you just call and ask him. Who cares if you'll be put in a bad position.

Just be like: "Sorry if I'm bothering you but I feel you owe me to at least let me know where we stand. Tell him you're not obligated to stay with me just be clear because I don't get it."


Who cares what his reaction will be like, he's not God...so what you'll be put in a bad position, you already have been put in it.


I am dating my boyfriend for a month. The texts aren't as sweet or as long as they used to be. But if I call him and tell him hey what's going on you didn't respond he'll tell me the reason and we continue. It is never the same as it is in the beginning.

Since he was the one that insisted we be together, he always texted first and more than I did. But now since I decided to be in a relationship with him, I often text him first and he doesn't feel the need to text as much anymore since he's "got me" now and he expects me to be the first to do it also.


I don't know what the intetions of that boy you a were seeing were. Hell I don't even know my boyfriends intentions for sure. But maybe that boy you were seeing was in it just for the sex and is a pig that lied. Maybe not...you have to ask him...


We all have problems, I've had tons of problems with my boyfriend in the beginning...but if he really wanted to be with you, I don't think he would have gave up this easily no matter the circumstances.

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I also think it's too soon for him to actually be in a relationship (a few months after his break up eventhough it was sooner than yours, it doesn't matter when it was, it only matters how he feels about it all)...I think he just wants to hook up with people and since the only way you would hook up with him was if he said you were in a relationship that's why he said it.


That's why you saw him dancing with that girl so siin, he probably wants to hook up with her too. It seems like he just wants to sleep around for a while. And doing it with you requires a lot of work since you want a relationship so he might be looking at other places where he can get sex faster and easier.


I think he's just looking to sleep around and for "rebound relationships".

He probably thought you weren't ready for a relationship either and that you just thought you were.


I still wonder if my boyfriend is over his ex...eventhough they broke up 8months ago.


But even if all of this I said is true, it doesn't mean that he doesn't owe you an explanation.

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It is very possible that a relationship is just too much for him right now but I wasn't the one who wanted a relationship....he did. It wasn't a requirement for me. He took it upon his own self to decide that. But I think you are right that he may not want a relationship or he isn't over his ex, it's possible. We still talk now....just still not as much as before. We had a talk about it but he said it was nothing....he's just been all over the place with friends. I've decided to just let it be.

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