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Has my ex moved on?


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Hi all,


Thanks for helping me with this - I recently broke up with my partner (gay relationship) some three weeks ago. We had some disagreements on both sides and he called it off.


He stated that he was quite hurt (as I have been in the past) and despite me making amends and talking about the changes that would be made could not see past it.


He asked for time and space yet I've found out he's been spending time with someone else. He says its nothing serious, they're not together and he doesn't want to be with anyone at the moment.


At a party on the weekend I bumped into him and heard via a mutual friend he was in tears due to seeing me.


Is this simply a rebound? I really want to try and do the right thing and respecting my Ex's need for space however I hope that in time we will reconcile. I know this is partly out of my control but any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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He seems to have emotionally moved on before the split occurred.


It takes 2 to reconcile, and as of right now you need to accept that he doesn't want to. You need to start to move on as well.


Moving on doesn't mean you may never reconcile later. It just allows you not to waste time hoping you do.

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It might be a rebound but this just demonstrate the lack of desire he has to fix what was broken. You should worry about yourself, move on, do things for you. He told you that he don't want anything serious, whether is with you or someone else, he will run again from any problem you guys may encounter.

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Some people latch onto people, habits, things... anything to help them avoid emotional pain and detract them. It could be what is happening here, he;s probably right when he say it's not serious.


I know it doesn't make it easier but if what you had was real he can't escape his feelings forever, even if it does not mean he will ever want you back.

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@No 1 unfortunately this is the same guy. I've felt we've not dealt with our issues in the past so I'm taking the time now to properly address mine and build my strength. I guess only time will tell?


See, now that last line you added makes me believe that you have not fully accepted the truth. You said "Only time will tell" Which means that you are not the one that is going to put an end to this. You are going to keep this drama alive.

Ive read your previous posts and if you are still having problems asking if they have moved on, this should be a major hint that you two are just not meant to be together no matter what or how much you feel about him. You say the right things but why are you trying to lie to us when you are only lying to yourself? You can tell me or us here in the forums all the right things. Im going to take time. Im going to think about my future and all that is great, but if you are going to sit there and wait and see what happens and thinkg "Only time will tell" then why lie?

You are meant to be with someone else. Your X is on another path in life and that does not include you being in a romantic relationship with him. Its not going to happen with him. Its going to happen with someone else. Go live your life.. your X is gone.

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