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I'm in love with my best friend... and i think he has the same feelings

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So my best friend (Ryan) and i have been very close for a long time. We literally do everything together and talk all the time. We even moved in together last year. We both have girlfriends (coincidentally they both live together too). Which makes it very convenient to insure that Ryan and i are always together. Most of our friends and family joke about us being gay together and dating because when we are together, public or private, were always touching and basically hitting on each other. It got to the point where our friends ask me where my bf is when hes gone. A few of my gay/bisexual friends have even mentioned that there is no way we're not secretly together and that we are definitely gay. Ive secretly been with another guy before but he hasn't and to the world we are both very straight.


Recently though i have been picking up on a lot of clues that he might be into me too. Other than the usual jokingly hitting on each other and what not, we have been becoming more... romantic. We lay in his bed and watch movies for hours and our feet or legs will be touching the whole time... every time (often). One time at the bar he put his hand over my lips and kissed his hand (to everyone else it looked like we kissed). On the dance floor we are always dancing together. we held hands multiple times. we literally do everything a couple would do minus the sexual stuff. But we joke about the sexual stuff... We even got matching tattoos!


Is this all in my head or is he actually into me and have the same feelings i do? sometimes i can tell he's depressed and doesn't want to talk which makes me worry that he thinks im gay and he isnt. But a couple nights ago we stayed up till 5am talking. He told me how his depressions been bad and that it helps him a lot when we do stuff like watch movies in his bed all night.


He's been hinting that he wants to break up with his girlfriend, they fight alot. we were both much closer before the girlfriends. What do i do? do i say something about it? make a solid, clear move, that i want him? Let it run its course and itll happen someday? Or give up because hes not into me and thats just stuff best friends do?

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Yes, end things with the girlfriends....as for how to proceed now? Why not just ask him straight out if he's ever been attracted to men? It might be awkward but if he's honest in his answer, you'll know. You have to do something if you really do want to know and I would say asking is less of a risk then say..hitting on him with a kiss or something.

If he's your best friend you should be able to ask him anything.

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