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confused alot


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Dear friends,


I have been in love for 8 years and i was too desperate that i should get her in my life and i was so sure that if it happens i am all set in my life.But my assumption went wrong.I got her after 5 years of hardship but after when we went into relationship it didn't synchronize at all.But i love her so much as well as i started to panic i might miss her.She left me and moved on in her life.She projects that she has someone else in life.But when i question about that she reveal that person as a friend.One of the main problem is possessiveness.I was too possessive.Slowly i realized my mistakes and now i don't to know anything.Now a year after our breakup, I left her completely and started to look after my life in a positive manner.I started to stop those begging texts to her and i said i am done and after i left her.I feel a lot more suspicious that i have been followed by her.After 2 weeks from that message, she has unblocked me in Facebook. She gave me so much things to respect but i was not on the right track when we both were in relationship.Now i have a good feel that She is happy and i decided to be happy for myself and i was very positive for 2 weeks.Now i am little bit confused.What could be the reason for unblocking me.


Please reply me friends and i would be more thankful for your reply.

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Excellent. You need to get over her, forget her and move on. Especially if you are in a new relationship, you should block and delete her and go no contact.


Ignore her unblocking, it's just looking for attention. a year after our breakup, I left her completely and started to look after my life in a positive manner. we both were in relationship.and i decided to be happy for myself.

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I don't know exactly why she needs my attention, I am an guy who won't set her in any aspects.She was the person who broke the relationship and why she needs my attention now?. The Worst part i don't know what she is up to in future but she has many things that made me think was she the same person whom i loved?only thing that makes me respect her is my affection and guiltiness. She had blocked me for these many days and what was the purpose to unblock me and seek for an attention? It is really confusing me.

I was on the right track for past 2 weeks.Now i am feeling little disturbed due to this.

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