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Texting for 2 months


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Ok so I started speaking to this guy online for a few months. We swapped numbers and spoke every day and texted every day for a month and a half. He said he really liked me and we got on well and laughed alot and had similar views and I really like him. But over the last like month, he has pulled away and stopped contacting me as much. He says he isn't ready for texting and talking every day and I do understand that to a certain extent. But I just think it's strange how it's flipped so quickly from contacting each other every day to practically nothing at all. And I don't know what to do. Do I still stay in touch and send the occasional message because I really like this guy. Or do I just forget him and stop talking all together?

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A texting/talking relationship will never afford the same degree of intimacy as a real-life relationship.


On one hand, that's what makes the texting/talking relationship appealing to some: certain issues are not addressed (like physical attraction), there is a limit on the degree to which people's lives are intertwined (less attachment, no strings), and each party has a greater ability to control what information is shared with the other (greater secrecy, easier deception).


On the other hand, these same things make texting/talking relationships easier to discard.


So, when you say that it is "strange" how the quality of your relationship has flipped so quickly, I think you should take a moment to consider the limitations inherent to this type of relationship.

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Sorry to hear this. Try not to get sucked into fantasy cyber relationships. If someone won't meet there's a reason. It could be a catfish or a scammer or married, ect.


Was this from a dating app? Is this long distance? "He" may have started dating local women. Texting is not dating no less a relationship.


Get back on dating apps and contact and meet local men. Within a few messages an interest in meeting must be there or it's time to move on. Don't let random people waste your time.

We texted every day for a month and a half. he has pulled away and stopped contacting me as much. He says he isn't ready for texting and talking every day.
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As someone who talked and Skyped doing an long distance relationship only to meet two times nine months later it's not worth it unless you want a friendship out of it. That's exactly what happened to me just a friendship evolved when we figured out anything more wasn't feasible.


To have a true relationship meet someone locally and meet as soon as you can to build up a real life dating.


Otherwise like others said and what I came to realize it's all safe and fantasy.



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You are probably a time waster. Someone he uses when he is between women or he could very well have a GF that he sneaks you in his life.


Just use this as a learning tool and tell him to lose your number and you move on with your life. You will find a better guy for you

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If you arent going to meet, its a waste of time. He's probably realised this.




It even explains the suddenness of it.


Often times, we carry on and then suddenly, unexpectedly that bell goes off (in our heads)!


And we realize, this is silly, we're never gonna meet anyway, I need to leave.


So you leave, just like that, no explanation, nothing, you just leave.


This happens more with cyber interactions imo.


In real life, a simple "this isn't working for me anymore, wish you the best, would suffice."


But somehow with cyber, it's sometimes best to just leave.

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